One two three o'clock four o'clock rock

Robert Weston Smith aka Wolfman Jack
A neighbor of mine in high school had a shortwave radio that caught stations from everywhere, Mexico included. Smith/Wolfman was a DJ there in the early 60s or at least his stuff was re-broadcast. I was a fan of sorts.

When he re-appeared in 1973 in American Graffiti - about 41 years ago I saw the film in Lexington, KY and what prompted this walk down memory lane was finding a newspaper ad for it in the University of Kentucky paper - the Kernel. Why I saved the paper is beyond me other than I was mentioned in a performance review on the opposite page.  I remember the movie. Not the music.

I'm now out to buy a copy of Graffiti online - not easy - but am bound and determined.  41 years ago.

How time doesn't fly. Still there in my mind.