Judith Miller Day

Judith Miller finds her talent level
There has been a continuing "hair on fire" discussion involving the Justice Department obtaining emails and communications regarding leaks of classified information. Our pundits on the right are likening it to the inquisition and other nefarious attempts to bully and suppress. In sum, it is because we have a black Muslim loving socialist in the white house directing all this that has made the crazy crowd go wild.

Make no mistake. These folks are crazy. Above all they are hypocrites.

Today is the day Judith Miller was released from prison in 2005 after refusing to give up her sources regarding the Valerie Plame outing.  Her source (who let her dangle in prison for 3 months) turned out to be a White House honcho (Scooter Libby) who, under the direction of TrickyDicky Chaney found a way to leak stories to the New York Times (who would ever have guessed) to support a war in Iraq.  But don't worry about Scooter, the President pardoned him before he stepped foot in prison.  Nice to have loyal friends.

Judith Miller, on the other hand, was duped and not, as it turns out, a very good journalist. The government, under George Bush the "non-seeing", was hatching plans that make this kerfuffle over spying/leaking look like Ned in the Third Grade Reader. Miller now writes for Newsmax so she has found her level.  The hypocrites who looked the other way just 9 years ago can find nothing in their brains to connect the two and find any comparison.

Perhaps it would be better if the government stayed open and Congress was shut down.But, hey!, they are on vacation now..raising and spending money so they can keep their seats in the peanut gallery of piss'ant observations.