About 90 years ago - when your surviving grandparents were in their youth, Gershwin was in Paris studying composition - composing music.  The big name musicians turned him down.  Not due to talent but because they didn't want him to change a thing:
Maurice Ravel's rejection letter to Gershwin told him, "Why become a second-rate Ravel when you're already a first-rate Gershwin?" 
In a conversation with Stravinsky it is reported thus:
"I would like to study with you.  Stravinsky replied, "How much do you make in a year Mr. Gershwin"?  George repliend, "$100,000 maybe more".  The reply:  "Then it is I who should study with you".

The idea isn't to be cute here and actually this has nothing to do with music.  This has to do with natural talent and the risk of having it wrecked by improper instruction.

Think of your local school.  This is why good teachers who meet the needs of their students are so important.