Fall. Leaves. Kids

In Motion
One of my grand kids - well all of them, all girls, 4,5,6&7 - are the icing on my cake so to speak. This one, in the picture; well I get to welcome her home this afternoon, meet her school bus. Surprise. The event is a birthday (not mine nor hers  but my wife's and I have no desire to walk through.that gate of "how old" oblivion.

No. The point is that the older one gets and the closer to the hopefully Pearly Gates, simple things like this afternoon are pleasures enough.  This one bounding off the bus. My wife smiling a smile I have loved to see for 30 some years, my daughter being a mom and a daughter at the same time.

How good is this?

With things the way they are and are going to be, I won't get a lot more of these afternoons but I'm not sorry or sad.  Things just make days like this even more special.

Support a Walk for ALS team this weekend. Ours is OpusOne on Long Island's Walk.  The grand kids will be there and I am not sure of a 3 mile hike for them.  I know I can't do it but I'll start it anyway and find a way to the finish line.  So proud of them all.  So lucky.