You touch it you own it

A while back I had spent some time in Media Departments in advertising agencies.  A lot of time we have $1million a day running and often more than that...$500 million committed was common.

Obviously keeping track of all of that - in increments of $100 - $5,000 was a nightmare.  What it boiled down to is the one inviolate rule;  "If you touch it you own it".  Simply put you let no one, NO ONE, dip into the accounts (the media buy)  for a few hours to "fix something".  You did it yourself or you had no idea what someone else might do or have done.  Simple.

Foreign policy is the say thing. You  can opine all you want but once you put your hands on it, well, it is yours.  Senators Graham, McCain and others are urging more war.  They were all over the talk shows. But what we should all remember is that if they touch foreign policy - ram through some weird  bill that thrusts us into war, well then THEY own the war.

Keep your hands off unless you want to own it.