We need a simpler wish list

Dogs have the right priority
I was watching the news this morning - just a never ending litany of trouble.  I wish there was something that could be done in a dozen places just to avoid yet another catastrophe. Everyone around the countless talking head tables uttered a sentence starting with "I wish".  Everyone.

Like winning the lottery or finding a million in gold in a chest on the beach, we all do this wishing thing. Maybe, just maybe if we wished realistically we might actually attain what is wished for.

I spoke with my dog about it this morning. In response he told me that he is happy just because he keeps it simple;  a dog treat for being a good dog on his walk. A comfortable chair to sit on and watch for squirrels.  Most of all, he likes it when his friend visits.  He said it wasn't a hugely complicated thing:  food, shelter and friends.  Past that it is all gravy.