Water Boy

Actually I like the movie Water Boy. It is beyond stupid of course and frankly I am loath to admit it even to my Facebook friends; many of you I have not a clue as to who you are.

I bring Water Boy up because, of course, there is an "ice water" dump....Gator Aide of course.... and it is all in fun and silly, good humor.  No harm no foul.

Seems a good many "serious" folks have been bent out of shape over the IceWater ALS challenge. Cheap stunt. All about me. yada yada.

Of course Facebook is all about me.  YouTube, if not filming or replaying something of note is, again, all about me. Got it. Over and Out.

What some of the "ohhhhh you horrible people just in it for the glory" folks don't get is two fold:
 1.  No one gives a rats ass about ALS in everyday life.  That is out of ignorance as it is and remains perhaps the most horrible way to die on God's green earth.
2.  There are about 30,000 Americans with ALS...a paltry number, insignificant.....an outlier.  But the fact is cold.  The number of new folks with ALS = the Number of Folks that DIE from ALS each year.  You get it you die and there is one to take your place.

So do what you can and what you feel is right.  No one can ask more of you and NO ONE expects less.