8 hours without electricity is an amazing thing.  We were so blessed.

Cells ran out of juice.  No Internet.  No phone. No nuthin'.

On the brighter side:  No phones rang.  No unwanted texts. No Facebook "updates".  No endless surfing.  Work was compressed into 6 hours of keyboard work before the laptop gave it up. Very productive day actually, spurred on by the certainty that the battery was going to die and if I just got the thing drafted out I could put it on a flash and .....

All of this. ALL of it didn't and couldn't happen 2 decades ago.  Nothing that we use, our electronic utensils of life, were around in any great number if at all. 20 years.

When was the last time you sent a fax?  Or dialed up a connection?  Or heard the word Telex?

Don't look back.