Turtles That Swim

Grand daughters at the Natural History Museum
Who is looking out and who is looking in?
The Tortoise - Ogden Nash

Come crown my brow with leaves of myrtle,
I know the tortoise is a turtle,
Come carve my name in stone immortal,
I know the turtoise is a tortle.
I know to my profound despair,
I bet on one to beat a hare.
I also know I'm now a pauper,
Because of its tortley, turtley, torper.

But it was kinda an aquarium...

Some fish are minnows, Some are whales.
People like dimples,Fish like scales,
Some fish are slim, And some are round,
They don't get cold, They don't get drowned.
But every fishwife Fears for her fish.
What we call mermaids They call merfish.