Keystone Kops

Ferguson Missouri the other night
Well well well well well.

It has been 5 days since a cop killed this kid.  We know all about it now.  Except that the only way - the ONLY way - this Keystone Kops of a department thinks it can get off the hook is to make the victim the bad guy.

Nevermind that the killer had no idea that the killlee was a suspect.  None.  He just shot him up.  Now to "clear his name" up pops this report.  It is all too transparent. We have heard this crap a million times.

The boy was bad to the bone.  He needed killin'.   Teach him a lesson.

I wonder how some people become such SOBs.  I really do.  Does the cop who killed him go home to his wife and say "Honey, I did damn good tonight....damn good I tell ya'"?