Some Pumpkins

Some other pumpkins
Martha Argerich is some pumpkins as a pianist.  She is exceptionally good with certain composers and Ravel is one of them.  You can hear any number of renditions of this Concerto and there isn't a lot of difference between the notes of one or the other - that means as hard as it is (and it is plenty hard) most are letter perfect - nothing missed or dropped. No clinkers so to speak.  But with Martha, there is just something more. 

Remember that line i Good Will Hunting?  Will says, to the effect on how he came to be such a math genius..."You know Beethoven?  He could just play. He was deaf and he could play.  I'm like that with math. I could always just play".

Agerich is like that.  Here is the complete concerto. Think of the depression just starting.  Think Paris still recovering from the Great War and now in economic ruin....musty cafes, little nightlife but much nostalgia...jazz everywhere..soulful  bittersweet.  Listen to a movement of your choice if you get some time. The performance is uplifting.