Palestine, West Virginia and Ms. Lynch

Jessica Lynch
If you head out of the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia, NW on I-64, then south on Route 219 past the Teaberry exit, through Fairlea and on to Roncerverte, hang a right on Route 62 to Fort Spring, Snowflake, Halfway and you'll arrive in Alderson.  It is only a mile south of Palestine right up there on Route 12.

The Greenbriar, you might recall, has this huge air-raid, bomb shelter for congress and the administration just in case the old Russkies decided to lob some A-bombs our way.  Not sure Jessica would have been invited but there she is and there that is.

Today, 14 years ago exactly, Jessica made it home from Iraq after a long stay in the hospital.  The story goes that she was ambushed and wounded in Iraq, was delivered into an Iraqi hospital where, in great danger of torture and bad care, some special forces folks stormed the hospital, shot up the bad guys, dragged Jessica out and she was an instant hero.  Blond, cute as a bug's ear, articulate and the photo-op of Cheney's dreams.

Part of it was true. She was a soldier and a good one.  A patriot. Selfless and pretty darn brave.  The rest of it; the story spun out by the White House and the war-folks was bullroar.  But we got trapped because to think differently or not believe the tall tale was to somehow cast Jessica in a bad light.  So no one touched the real story out of deference to her.

She was a soldier. She served her country with pride. She got hurt and she got home. That is quite enough.
She also said that the stuff that surrounded her; the stories and the legends, were a bunch of hooey.  She is and was honest as well. That is indeed quite enough.

It is the same folks from back then who are now urging war footing in a dozen spots.  They are the ones who get to go to the Greenbriar and hide out if the worst comes. They were the liars when Jessica was telling the truth.

Jessica got to go to Palestine.  There is justice. And we are still over there.  Still.  Sad.