Happily Not Jaded

Someone who got it right
We went to a Heritage Day gathering in a small town near here. Sunday. Noon-3pm when many are deep into wineries, fancy-dan restaurants, naps or just "not much of anything".  All of those activities are well and good. It is summer and a gorgeous day.

Some took another route.   The Historical Society and a group of wonderful volunteers read a good map. They chose a road that wasn't back to the "good old American values and Judeo-Christian Ethic" hoopla.  This path was a little deeper and much more point A to point B.

Seems the organizers and attendees of this event figured out this was Independence Day weekend. It isn't/wasn't a war weekend nor a memorial weekend. No guns and cannons. No stories of battlefields and battle. It was about the Declaration of Independence, flat-out good humor and kindness, support, applause, cherishing young and old and basically a gentle day where people acted like people, listened intently to a re-reading of the Declaration by some kids in nervous but passionate voices, and waved flags and smiled.

Hot dogs were served  by the kennel full (always wanted to write that simile), kids kicked balls and chased each other in good fun and adults, well this one, hoped that what went on would go on and on.

And if you think that all this is corny, then you 1.) weren't there and 2.) missed the point.