Full Buck Moon

Full Buck Moon...also a perigee moon this month
So named as July is the month bucks get their antlers.  I'm not kidding.  It is also going to be big.

Not to wax technical but the moon is as close to us as it gets each year..well over the next two days anyway...the perigee moon (as opposed to the apogee moon that was in March)....and its about 14% bigger to the eye and brighter too because of it...or so it seems to us.

I had a neighbor growing up who was into all things astronomy and I can remember him calling it the "reading moon"; so bright at night you could read a book by it. Some year, way back when, I stood in the snow in the middle of Carroll Park in Bay City, Michigan with him and his telescope.  I could only see sections of the moon as it was bigger than the viewer. 

One could reach out and touch it (and wanted to).

Anyway, tonight and tomorrow night are going to be fun. The actual full moon will be Monday so this is a big three days (or nights).