Footprints in the Dust

Today, well tonight rather, about 9pm, depending on where you were, Neil Armstrong, put a foot down on the moon.  It was a time of black and white tv, rabbit ears, and simplicity.

It also a time in the midst of the Vietnam War (1969) when males were faced with a 1-A draft status, Nixon was fibbing,social/ political leaders were getting shot, the Beatles were big and Walter Cronkite was telling us "that's the way it is...".  Somehow we could all watch this event of a lifetime and not spin it.  Karl Rove where are you?m

I saw this scene in black and white as my parents refused the expense of color but it didn't matter. I can see the scene to this day, 45 years ago, knowing Sputnik was a mere 12 years before, and John Glenn was having schools named after him.  Sorry we haven't been back.  It would make for some good memories in 2059.