Paint Pots

Ms. Sgt. Preston and Yukon King
Not really. But buddy was with buddy Sunday afternoon, one on a bike, the other chasing.  It was fun and memorable.  I'll miss that.

Anyway, these two have keen eyes; one never finding a rock she didn't like to look at and the other, the Tonto or Pancho of dogs, happy to sniff them out when shown them.

Paint Pots
Princess Keen Eye spotted something near our beach. It didn't seem to fit with the normal beach rocks so she had it in her grasp in a heartbeat.  Now most rocks are old and if they have been tumbling around in the sea for a few centuries, they get pretty smooth.  But this one...well it is indeed centuries old but human hands touched once upon a time.  They dipped their fingers in the small worn away indent and extracted the paint or stain and decorated themselves.  Tattoos from the past.

The pot and the Princess went to show and tell this morning.  Tales of a sharp eyed young lady rang through the village. The dog had to live vicariously waiting for his friend's return.