Nice week....not!

this is a map of old Persia.  Not much on it
but this is the history of the area;
the history we don't seem to get.

I don't bitch much. There are some primal screams in the car now and then and middle of the night wake ups with some anxiety.  Some of it I have something of a right to angst about.  I've got a "bug" that the docs figured out yesterday. It is one of those "Hey! Cheer up!  You aren't going to die tomorrow" type of things...."But watch out for a week from Thursday...." Yikes!
But I'm not worked up about that.  I'm all a twitter about stupidity.  It centers on Iraq today but don't worry, I'm gonna get the chance to generalize about all of old Persia.

We are a pretty stupid and full of shit lot at times.  We see things so clearly.  Without any feel for history, we draw maps and lines in sand, let oil companies have their say, and generally figure those without our blessing of western civilization be considered fools.

So we wind up Iraq and Iran into a tight spring and keep winding them up like an 8 day clock and when it goes "sprung" we get crazy.  Well we should be crazy but not at them.  They are fighting religion and history. We are a sideshow.

Now buttheads like McCain are all in a lather for war.  War !  War I tell ya'. I want to shake these idiots; hold 'em up by the ears and slap them silly. It isn't going to work.  We have zero business there and zero interest.  The five sisters oil companies...well they are a different matter. Let them arm their employees and send them there to protect the oil interest.

Otherwise.  Leave me/us/the country alone.