Mussels - simple summer recipe

The Prince Edward Island mussel industry is Canada’s top producer and exporter of rope cultured blue mussels. PEI has earned its reputation for high quality standards based on the diligence and pride of Island growers, processors and industry stakeholders. There are approximately 130 mussel growers on PEI who farm 11,000 surface acres.  

More than you wanted to know.  Here, however is a doozy of a recipe:

  • 2-3 pounds of PEI Mussels
  • A can of Coco-Lopez
  • About an inch of finely grated ginger or some of that stuff in a tube
  • Chipolte Pepper (ground in a can works perfect) and a good amount to heat it up.

In a pot, put the above ingredients (Coco, ginger,chipolte)....add a little water to thin it ...and warm it gently for a bit until the Coco-Lopez thins out and evens out (no more clumps), and heat until  the ginger and pepper are "smell-able".   Then crank up the heat, dump in the mussels and cover.  Takes 4-6 minutes for the muscles to open.

Dump in a big serving bowl making sure that the liquid pours over the muscles as much as possible.  The results are fantastic.


  1. Mmm, love mussels. Here is my recipe: beer, canned tomatoes, old bay seasoning. Prepare the same way. Serve with crusty French baguette. Sadly, i can only dream about that now.


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