Everything's free in America......

Sondheim's lyrics in West Side story sprung to mind after listening to the business update on NPR this morning.

Not to play the "class warfare" card to early but when 1% of the country earns 22% of the money and have 80+% of the wealth, things are out of wack.  I don't mind a decent wage or a very good one but this isn't class warfare as much as FauxNoise and the idiot boys on the right like to accuse of it.  This is just "I've got mine now you go scratch".

My issue with the super rich and I know of one who is but isn't even on the Forbes list of the mighty 400 has 3 sons. They are all on the list too if Forbes knew of them. Did they get there by hard work and brilliant ideas?  Of course. Their brilliant idea was that the father who did earn his money passed on his money in trusts. 

Anyway, according to the report, the American Dream is mostly myth as that bottom 99% isn't going anyway except stay put. Our loaf of bread just got smaller and there are more of us to want a scrap, other than that we got our health (if we can afford it).

I like the shores of America! 
Comfort is yours in America! 
Knobs on the doors in America, 
Wall-to-wall floors in America!