Aallottaret ("Spirits of the Waves")

Its been pretty quiet down at the shore of late - what with the fair sky and warm weather and this morning we were again greeted with stone cold quiet and a calm sea with a promise of a day of sun.

Sibelius - the Finnish composer - visited Connecticut - just across the Sound to the north some years back and wrote this piece "The Oceanides in 1914 for the Norfolk Festival where it was first heard...just miles from here as the crow flies. The Oceanides are the daughters of Posidan...so go thumb through your Greek mythology.  Things might have been a bit stormy during his visit (the sea that is).

Anyway the work is about a hundred years old and fairly rarely played. I've always enjoyed it and on a cold walk on a sunny morning at the beach, it seemed something I'd like to remember.

Here you go - Aallottaret ("Spirits of the Waves"):