Guns win. We all come in second place.

I give up.
About a week ago I put up a little post on guns, gun violence, idiocy etc. and it made a big gun rights network/website. About 300 folks from there came to here.  (this is the post in question)

So we have yet another mentally ill person wandering off into the gloom of gun-crazy and lots of people's lives are ruined as a result.

The gun lobby has started its mantra.  Not that it matters as having a nation where guns just about outnumber people is simply the way it is going to be.

I think back to this little article I posted several years ago and the 15 or so mass murders by mentally ill people with guns since.

I give up. I literally give up. I'm resign to living in the most violent society on the face of the earth.

"When officers arrived there were still shots being fired," said Federal Way police spokeswoman Cathy Schrock.  They found two injured men on the ground in a parking lot. One of the men reached for a gun as police moved in to assist the two, she said.

At that point, officers opened fire. The suspect died but police said it wasn't immediately clear if it was from their gunfire.  The other man on the ground and a third man in the parking lot were found dead.

In a search of the complex, police found a fourth man dead in one apartment and a slain woman in another unit. 

Schrock said police were trying to determine if the woman was accidentally hit by gunfire.

Just keep telling yourself that people kill people and guns are........