Fox News, Hillary Clinton and the Moron Meter

Two the video tape
 To catch you up, a while back Hillary took a fall and hit her head. A small blood clot appeared pressing on her brain. It was dissolved.  A lingering effect is a slight case of diplopia - double vision. This isn't a traumatic brain injury that effects your mind but a small injury that caused some nerve damage to a nerve that controls a muscle in her eye - one of 5 that keep your eyes in alignment.

This is Hillary with a small
prism lens to correct the problem
Karl Rove (you remember him; the "Romney in a Landslide" idiot), thinks that Hillary has brain damage and might not be mentally up to the Presidency.  I'm pretty sure Rove is not only brain damaged but brain dead but I won't waste energy on him.  Suffice it to say that he would lie about most anything.

A Fresnel Lens
Below is a Fresnel Lens (invented by the Frenchman Fresnel - obviously). It focuses light.  Ms. Clinton doesn't need light to be focused.  She needs a small prism built into here glasses to correct for a mild case of diplopia that will probably right itself over time.

Permit me to summarize:

  1. Rove is a provocateur who, given the chance and the audience, would lie about his own mother.
  2. Fox News is inhabited by morons who think that the rest of us don't remember things they say- but that is the Fox News Audience - the key 65+ demographic.
  3. Hillary Clinton is fine.