Anthrax Annie and the University of Michigan

Anthrax Annie Coulter

My mom was Class of 1938 from the University of Michigan and after her retirement from teaching she was a VERY active alum, doing all kinds of things for the Alumni Association, raising money, giving money (I went to State so there was trouble afoot there).   I must admit that UM was and still is a bell-cow school...I went to State...we know of Bell Cows. Goooo Mooooo U

 She was a rock solid republican liberal politically and the author of the book "I'm ravaged by guilt should be too".  Anyway, before her death I was visiting her and  was reading news on the Web and we ran across something by Ann Coulter.  

I had been "banned" from the Ann Coulter blog site because I was "too disruptive" (no kidding...I actually was banned because my views didn't reflect the general trend of the site ... and I saved that email for posterity).  My mom's ears went up upon learning that.  So she read some of Anthrax Annie's  writings - using the term loosely she was equally aghast (at the time the Anthrax attacks were going on so this seemed logical as she appears to be dying from the poison).  Anyway, at the height of 'pithy comments', my mother observed and I quote "Oh no. This cannot be. I must write admissions. We at the University of Michigan DO have standards".

Anyway Antrax Annie is trending in the news because she took a speaking gig with the GOP-gay group and now is drawing heat. Anything for money right Ann?  As the old saying goes "We know what you are madame, that is clear to everyone. Now the only issue seems to be price".