37 years ago...Iowa City, Iowa

1977..this day...."may the.."  .well you know.
Curiosity got the better of me 37 years ago.  I spent time in a long graduate course at the University of Iowa and one blistering hot Sunday a bunch of us trooped down to the main square in town to the air conditioned theater and saw Star Wars.

When Darth Vadar approached the princess in the holding cell, hypodermic close by and said "You will tell us what we need to know" a fellow stood up and hurled a tomato center screen. Bulls eye.

I like the movie. I still find it exceptional.  The music was and is extraordinary.  Just take a second and think now to Yoda, Vadar, light sabers, the force and the myriad other objects and says, characters and such that are part of our reference and use.