Spanish Nocturnes

This music is so incredibly gorgeous...well for some tastes perhaps...and not everyone likes this stuff - yes yes I know.

You can listen here on YouTube or below and then follow the prompts to the rest of it.  These pieces started off as a set of nocturnes...evening music (nocturnal).  They were tinkered into a masterpiece.

I take some pride in being trained as a conductor and music historian. I love the history part and find it, on whole, never-endingly fascinating.  I go into business meetings generally full of stuff for the clients I serve which is my job, but there are down times in the conversation - when someone needs to take a call or go the restroom - when you talk about something else.  I measure the person I'm with somewhat by what his/her reaction is to some oblique historical/artistic hey how about that Dudamel guy at the LA Philharmonic...well not that oblique...but you get the idea. If their eyes glaze over and they are desperately trying to find a way to get out of the room, then you know you have one - a fish on the line so to speak. Sad.

I had a lawyer once, a big cheese in International Law because I was into some trade stuff, he could talk art and music and literature and mostly history for hours. ...  a kindred soul perhaps...I didn't know that his "let's talk about the Duke of Burgundy" was also billed at $350/hr.