An irritating photo to go with my irritated mood
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It is, however, self-indulgent to be pissy at 6am no matter so I'll snap out of it;  perhaps tomorrow.

What set this off other than approaching senility, was a trip across the radio dial.  I listen at night to the radio app on my phone as as long as I stay away from YouTube, the battery will last. My radio-die-nacht choice of later has been out of Stockholm with a national station that plays an odd assortment of classical music. Very odd; the assortment that is.

Often I have to move off of that station as they will play a piece I can't say I've ever heard by a composer I never heard of and it is like that old Johnny Carson "stump the band" sketch.  Then I'm awake.

Listening to the world on radio has the same effect as my wife's morning read of newspapers from all over the place.  It's just a little less informative my way.  But that is the rub.  I think I've reached the point where I don't understand things anymore.

I got on the BBC world service and the flow of news - all bad or looming bad - and it really hit me that we have no idea what we are doing on this earth.  It is an endless flow of pissed off people and peoples with world views and personal issues that are so murky that I just can't understand anything.  Nothing jives.

You'll be old soon and with it your patience will be all used up....also your inability to cope with murky stuff.