Midnight and the Stars and You

Leonid Meteor Shower (singular)
Tomorrow evening is the big ta-da night of  the Lyrid meteor showers.  It is also coincidental to a waning moon cycle.  I think I prefer the moon to the off and on chance of a shooting star....especially that last moon, the blood moon.

The annual Lyrid meteor shower occurs every year when Earth passes through debris left behind by Comet Thatcher, which makes a full orbit of the sun once every 415 years. At its peak this year — which is expected to happen in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday (April 22) — the Lyrid shower should produce about 20 meteors per hour.  Now you know. 

I'll want to go  out to see them last night as there are always some early arrivals,  but am pretty sure I'll fall asleep  and slept right through. My internal clock is, however, set for  about 3am tomorrow evening/morning; crescent moon darting around, little fireflies of comet dust, then partly cloudy and the show might be over. Something of a curtain falling.

Have to thank our lucky stars though for another  "curtain up". The performance is live, unedited, and free.