How dumb does Scarborough think we are?

Joe Scarborough thinks we are a gaggle of geese.

Well good morning Joe.  I'm going to post this on your show's blog, not that you'll read it or, frankly, care much for what anyone else says if its different than your own musings. You've become pretty much insufferable and unwatchable so I'm going to boycott your program for a while. Hope you don't mind.

My gripe in a nutshell is calling Pelosi, Boxer, and a few other Democrats "hypocrites" because they are up in arms over the Cheney/CIA torture stuff dating from about 2004-5.  A lot of that has come out recently.  Your argument is that the Senate oversight committee was briefed in 2002 in detail so "you knew about this" and now to say "we didn't know about this", is a lie.  Pow. Bam. Zoom. Right by ya' slugger.
Captain Torture reflecting on the good ol' days

I had a friend once who was in a deep patch financially while I was doing work overseas.  We had a company and it needed money so I took this job which kept things afloat and since I was taking no salary from the company and he was but was short, I told him that if he needed a couple hundred dollars now and then, just write the check from my second job earnings. He did that on occasion over the course of several years. No biggie. We were partners.

Of course, one day he cleaned out the entire account and moved away.  I called him and his rational was that I had said "if he needed..." and "he needed" money to move to New Mexico to take another job. He was actually mad at me for calling him on it.

Now it is true we had a discussion several years before about this.  I had given permission. He didn't abuse the permission until later and so it was OK in his mind. 

I know old Scarborough won't read this parable but he should.