How could you possibly think this is OK?

Gov. Mary Fallin, Shrew of Oklahoma (R)
Oklahoma is knee deep in oil and natural gas - well nose deep in the later. It has a couple big towns that give urban renewal a bad rap - acres of parking lots where buildings once stood. Tulsa looks like Hiroshima. The Okies don't have much of a chance; caught between BIG energy and a lunatic right wing that behaves shamefully.  She hasn't lived on $7/hr. and change since she took office.

Ms. Fallin just signed a bill "BANNING" municipalities in her dust bowl state from setting minimum wage and compensation laws. She gets to do it or no one. No one has a say but her. I enjoy it when she says she wants "less intrusive government"....unless, of course, it is her own intrusion.  Keep 'em poor Mary...they'll love ya'.