Dog walks man.
 I grew up in central Michigan near the "thumb area" or the start thereof. (Think of Michigan as a big mitten and where the thumb part is) We had a huge bay, part of Lake Huron, just a couple miles away.  The land was so flat that our river (Saginaw) barely flowed.  I understand the adjective "flat".

Later on in life I lived in Oklahoma which was, on one side of town and toward the center of the state, pretty hilly - long rolling hills yonder.  The other side of Tulsa, towards the NE and Joplin, brought flat into a whole new dimension.  I worked at a classical FM station and on clear nights, our meager FM signal would reach out to the NE for about 120 miles; truly something. "Nothin' blockin' it but the sun" as the saying went.

more morning "flat"

Why this "flat" fixation today? Not sure other than the dog took me for a walk down to the bay and the sand and water were, well, still and flat; they looked new. My dog has probably never walked on a hill.  He walks on lawns that are flat, runs on a beach that is flatter, and scoots around the house on floors that....do I have to say it?

Point is life is hardly flat. We/I spend a lot of time going uphill, looking to hit the crest of something so I can coast down the other side.

Not today but maybe.