Bundy, Gov. Perry, and Hannity - never ride the wrong horse

This guy, Clive Bundy, is, in a great big long word, adumbasssonofabitch.  That's Texan or Nevada speak for Dumb Ass Son of a Bitch.  He owes a million bucks for grazing his cattle on public land for 20+ years. He has had several days in court to re-affirm he owes a million bucks.  When government representatives (i.e. law enforcement) showed up to right this situation, it became something of a clear division between law and order and total anarchy.

Let's be clear. Bundy is a racist SOB living off the public dole. I hope he has his day in jail.  Did the government behave in appropriately in trying to collect a debt...yup. It was more than overkill.  If they had to go back and get him now would their show of force be appropriate? After the local militia rose to the bait? Ya'betcha'.

Governor Perry of the Republic of Texas

This is Sean Hannity just in case
Enter Governor Perry from the great Republic of Texas.  He has issued a warning - a shot across the bow so to speak - that the Bureau of Land Management  (BLN) shouldn't try any of that Nevada stuff in his state. OR WHAT RICK?  You everlovin' idiot, who are you going to shoot first? Some Marshal?  When I was a kid, I sometimes uttered the infamous "better not..."; but I was a kid. Not a governor.

And that brings me to my favorite pea brain...Sean Hannity.  He has gone "all in" in his game of cards in his support of this fella Bundy ("Niggers happier planting cotton").  Jon Stewart did a pretty good number on him on the Daily Show. (below). But you can't tap dance on a pin and have it sink in.

So Sean, Ranger Rick and Clive - get into a canoe and paddle off.  I think we have seen all there is to see.


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