Yes that is bamboo

Every property needs a stand of Banboo. I see a lot of uses for this....
I just read more than I ever ever ever want to know about bamboo.

I have grand daughters so this is a no brainer

Jack and the Beanstalk anyone?

Making 4 for the grand kids....this will be fun.


  1. Re: Bamboo
    How many bamboo shoots can a family eat? How many crafty bamboo items does one want to make? How many bamboo bicycles can one have? I understand that it is being used for light bulb filaments etc., but if it is planted on your residential lot you will live to regret it! Don't bother going to the expense of installing a barrier because the barrier will eventually deteriorate and the bamboo will invade.

  2. we traced this stand of bamboo to a broken pot someone threw into the woods.


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