The worst kind of stupid

Mr. Stupid on Meet 6he Press
There is always some guy sitting in the back who leaves the movie theater early because whoever directed the film  didn't catch the essence of the scene. You know the type. The "if only" is their middle name.

Well the Mittser was on the talk shows yesterday and he made me mad I went out and raked leaves.  He said this:

Had we, from the very beginning of the demonstrations in Ukraine, had we worked with our allies and said, "Look, let's talk about the kinds of severe sanctions we would put in place if Russia were to decide to move," and had we then communicated that to Russia beforehand, not put in place the sanctions but communicate, "Look, Russia, stand down here. Don't you think about grabbing territory or these are the things that will have to happen. These are the actions we will take." [Face the Nation

Now, I hate to break the news to the Mittster but you know squat about Russians. Zip. Zero.  Your chance of telling Putin that Crimea isn't, historically, culturally, strategically part of Russia borders on slim and none.  That Bush and the neo-cons wanted Ukraine in NATO and we were wooing it with $ was the straw the broke the camel's back. It is that foolish "American Exceptionalism" crap playing here; WE can do what we want because we are great and we can; YOU can't because you aren't us.

Point is, Mittster, that there is a long history here and if there is one thing Russians understand and you do not, it is history. Mostly, however, Russians are patient and observant. I don't want to be the one that breaks it to you Mittster but someone has to.

When the Russians watch Obama put forth legislation for food for hungry people and the Congress votes it down; when every agenda or not item Obama puts out there, nominations, everything, is automatically voted down then the Russians figure out that the US won't respond because the lockstep gridlock won't let it.

If everything you say, Mittster, weren't political positioning I wouldn't think you were such an empty suit.

But you do.

And you are.