Children children children

In December there was a nasty battle regarding a whole set of legislation including the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for a couple years. Against all advice, Mr. Obama caved in on those because to let them expire would "be job killers" - that without them businesses would lack the capital and face huge "uncertainties" about the future and wouldn't hire anyone. So they were left in place and guess what? Businesses didn't hire anyone as a result. Things are as bad in the job market now as they were back then. Now the government - which is "us" by the way - (remember "We the people..."?) are between a rock and a hard place and apparently there because we chased a stubborn child and when we found him/her we can't talk him/her down from her snit.

I have to say this isn't fair to us as a nation. No one sent anyone to Washington with a mandate of "my way or the highway". Obviously that point of view is being rehashed daily by the talking heads so no need to chime in and restate the obvious. One point worth noting though is that each congressional seat represents about 900,000 or so people - all ages, all races, all parties. There are 100 or so in the GOP who have dug in their collective heels on this but lets do the math. They come from GOP majority districts and give the devil its due, they probably got on average (being generous) 60% majorities. Let's be equally generous and say that EVERY republican in those districts wanted a "dig in your heels" approach. 100 x's 900,000 x's 60% = 54,000,000 folks out of 330,000,000 or roughly 1 in 6. So in the most generous application of math these 100 congressmen represent the steadfast wishes of 16% of the population.

And to enable their 16% to reelect them...well you get the picture. It is also interesting that each of these 100 also signed the Grover Norquist "pledge". They also took an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution.

Seems the Constitution of the United States came in a poor third. We the people be damned.