Another use for those jars of cranberry sauce

You know - you know you know. Every Thanksgiving you go to the store with the best intentions of buying cranberrys - in those bags, uncooked - and then, when you see it is 8am and everyone will be sitting down at 1pm and you have only 4 burners on your stove and need 6 at least, wander over to the canned fruit aisle and buy that can or 5. Now they are in your pantry..the two you didn't use...and although they will last for 100 years you want them OUT.

May I possibly be of assistance? Turkey burgers. A lot better for you and if you make them right - pretty good stuff. Chopped (finely) celery and onion or chives, salt and pepper, even minced yellow squash. Essentially you can add anything to turkey and it works out. When done, put whatever on top but my suggestion is cranberry stuff right out of the can - just a slice of it or a spoonful of the whole berry and it is just plain really good.

Lunch is served.