Tis the political season...fa la la la la

I was awake a short while ago and listening to an all night talk radio call in program.  The topic was Obamacare and it would seem the world was full of critics of it with points real or made from whole cloth. Finally, the poor host, who started all thisby tossing this red meat topic to his listeners, even got tired of all the made up anecdotal claptrap and  the next caller who started in with "repeal every last sentence..." said "ok...what do you suggest"?  What are you going to replace it with?  "What is your plan because health care in the United States is clearly broken and vast numbers of folks go broke every year trying to keep alive? What are you going to do about a kid who is born with an illness and cannot get medical coverage that covers a pre-existing condition"

I generally turn to Aesop’s fables for guidance and he wrote a dozy on criticism about an old man and his son bringing a donkey to market. Let me quote the story:  

Passing some people on the way, they hear one remark, ‘Look at that silly pair- walking when they could be riding comfortably.’ The idea seemed sensible to the old man, so he and the boy mounted the donkey and continued on their way. Soon they passed another group. ‘Look at that lazy pair,’ said a voice, “breaking the back of that poor donkey, tiring him so that no one will buy him.” The old man slid off, but soon they heard another criticism from a passerby: ‘What a terrible thing, this old man walking while the boy gets to ride.’ They changed places, but soon heard people whispering, ‘What a terrible thing, the big strong man riding and making the little boy walk.’ The old man and the boy pondered the situation and finally continued their journey in yet another manner, carrying the donkey on a pole between them. As they crossed the bridge, the donkey broke loose, fell into river, and downed.”

I don't have to give the punch line here; the obvious moral of the story.  Criticism is constructive and can be helpful. Criticism is an off shoot of free speech.  Criticism without a suggestion - with just observations - is backyard, over the fence, bitching and moaning.  It contribute nothing to the solution.

Put up or shut up.