Ohhhh those brave Greeks

There was a lot of praise being directed toward the Greek government for "making the right decision" yesterday.  The right decision being, of course, to make sure that the foreign banks who bought their worthless paper could come away with a glimmer of hope that they might get something back on their investment.  But lets put the bravery medal on the the people who deserve it most; the Greek people and the folks who were foolish enough to entrust our money to bankers who lent it out.

The Greek Parliament has a howling mob outside comprised of citizens who "get it" that they are going to be between a rock and a hard place for decades - all because the government had failed to act, banks had, in their rush to make glamorous loans failed to kick the tires, and for some part, a good amount of "something for nothing" expectations.

Well the lambs have come down from the hills and either they get stuck in this mess or they go to the butcher shop but one thing for sure, those folks in Parliament who let it all slide for ages, who continually kicked the can, are the least of the brave. They were cornered.

If you don't see this coming to a theater near Washington DC and can't forecast any number of Senators strutting before cameras talking about how courageous they have had to be to face these problems and what a tough set of choices they had to make - well that makes us the next herd of sheep.