Comrade Glazunov. Write something summer-ish for the people

Alexander Konstantine Glazunov or as Shakespeare would say,  "great name".   He shows up here this morning as he, like Vivaldi, (and scads of other composers) wrote collections of pieces about "the seasons" - using spring, summer, fall and winter as unifying themes.

An observation about Glazunov's life might be that it was "the seasons" of sorts as well.  He lived seventy some years from 1865 until just before WWII and most of that time he was head of the Leningrad (Petrograd, St. Petersburg)  Conservatory.  He went from Tsar's life to Lenin/Stalin State- certainly a transforming of seasons far more abrupt and clear cut than the one day into next that marks our spring to summer today.

Alex went from a late romantic Russian composer living in the city of the Tsars and a land that had nobility enthralled with all things Parisian through a very bloody revolution, Lenin et al and Stalin to boot. Talk about your seasons.  Through it all he ran a conservatory that reflected the artistic taste and predilections of the day - be in Tsarist or Communist and one ran into the other like June 20 ran into June 21 - like spring ran into summer.

Glazunov "Summer" from "The Seasons Opus 67 (1899)