Bogging down and blogging - observations

This blog is going on toward its second full year and approaching 1800 entries.  In that time, I've missed perhaps a dozen days - sometimes  in little streaks - but mostly just an occasional day here and there.  Rarely do I write about something I'm doing as that would just add to the non-interest.  It is one thing to try and write well enough so that people might read it and think good things and quite another, once the visitor visits, to talk about yourself as this is a conversation of sorts and you talk about yourself only when asked.

If blogs were true diaries then it would all be about me/you....a chronology to be exact or a recreation of the daily "do do" list.  To figure out if this blog is just that chronology, I re-read the last couple years yesterday...stem to stern, top to bottom, A-Z.

Readers see and read only half the story. What isn't shown, unless of course one is writing a "me me me" blog, is what prompts an entry.  This blog goes in little series of themes and subjects. Earlier, during less stressful times, the threads were often short and really varied - certainly not developed thoughts or observations.  Like any blog, over time, the entries get longer and therefore there are fewer of them.  Putting what was going on in my life in one column and what I wrote about in the next - a giant excel spreadsheet with two columns - things make a lot of sense, at least to me

Besides, its father's day -  a year ago my granddaughter and I were watching ballet sequences on YouTube (at precisely this moment in fact) and I had just finished listening to Venus from the Planets by the English composer Gustav Holst. That was a year ago this morning at nearly 8am.  That entry makes a lot of sense in my two column history. Lots.