The Senate and Nuclear Warheads

In my past I spent a lot of time wandering near our nuclear weapons production facilities and the Soviet Union. Much of this time was concurrent with Ronnie Raygun's StarWars programs - by the way, there was no Star Wars program.  It was just everything we were doing repackaged into one gigantic bundle with a price tag, like resorting your socks in the sock drawer, and it scared the world half to death which was the intent.  Anyway, the trust and verify thing was born and everyone agreed at one point that this was a senseless expense and no one wanted to burn up anyway.  The Russians actually had very little desire for war and looked at the US as the provocateur.  Rightly or wrongly, we seemed to go to war by choice in their estimation.  They did too but self inspection was never a long suit by either country.  We simply declared ourselves as being more Godly and let it go at that.

Now some of the key treaties are expiring - some sections have already - and the Senate republicans aren't moving very fast to extend. There is no reason given...they just wanna perhaps if they wait a while mommy will give them two desserts instead of one. 

When I was a kid, I lived in Dayton, Ohio for a while. Wright Patterson AFB was just north of town and along with UFOs and aliens it was a big time military target.  Colonel Flange actually came to our 1st grade class during "duck and cover" day and we got "good ears" awards for actually being the first one in the class to hear the air raid siren during our frequent drills.

I guess the Senate is in a rush to go back in time past Ronnie Raygun to those good old days of constant fear of being friend like a charcoal briquette.