Ginastera: Estancia- Danza del trigo

Got you there. Estancias are "ranches" in Argentina - and there is a suite  written by Alberto Ginastera that describes scenes in that setting.  it is wildly evocative and if you poke around in this section of Youtube you will find them all. The final dance (Malambo) is very famous and a killer to play.  This one, "del trigo" (wheat dance) is just gorgeous and you should know it.

I'm not sure what I learned about Argentine when I was a kid in school.  South America didn't make it into our geography books.  I suspect that the feeling was hot blooded "latinos" had no place in WASP society except for Ricky Ricardo who was a distillation of all things we were not in favor of and how we characterized an entire continent.  Too many marxist socialist Simon Bolivar/Castro types running around loose.

Anyway, getting over that now. Music helps.