A test of liberalism

There is a certain qualifier test for liberals it seems.  To condense this, one pure statement that floats out there is that here is some sort of "War on Christians" going on in America

A manifestation of that occurs in the NYTimes op-ed area this morning. A study by some "sociologiest" suggest that the elite schools discriminate against lower-middle class white Christians in their admission process...giving favorability to minorities of less achievement....in summation, my kid got into Harvard because he was black and my kid didn't get in because he was lower middle class Christian.

Statistically that may be true.  Statistics, however, like Mr. Buchannan, lie. (are you going to believe me or your lying eyes).

Liberals don't buy this argument for a second. It is certainly because we are NOT anti-white middle class. It is because there is a Christian element thrown in. Relgion is rarely if ever asked for in admission apps. Last I heard, if the University gets any public funding at all, you can't ask the question. So where we liberal go nuts is when this enters (religious history) the equation.

One thing liberals, and me in particular, are good at is stopping debate dead in its tracks when we hit an impass such as this.  I'm not going to listen to anything more until we resolve the inclusion of "Christian" into the survey. It is a non-starter.  You might observe it but it doesn't compute. It has no business in the discussion and Buchannan and his ilk know this and they get some geek at the Times to swallow that hook line and sinker that makes liberals crazy. Got it?