Shirley Sherrod

In case you haven't followed this one, Andrew Breitbart of Tea Party infamy doctored up a tape of Shirley Sherrod, a George based USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) giving a speech.  Shirley was mugged in this.  Fox News [sic!] of course played it wall to wall, the NAACP called her a racist and she got fired.

Now we find that instead of it being a racist speech in front of a gathering in rural (and mostly black) Georgia, it was an inspirational speech that Ms. Sherrod gave about looking past race and learning to do that and do what was right (her father was killed by a KKK member 45 years ago) and it was really about being poor and NOT of a color of skin.  The white couple (the subject of all this 25 years ago), poor, rural, etc.  that she help count her as a good friend to them to this day. They not only can't figure out the fuss, the old cracker, and I use that term with affection actually as some of these rural southern stereotypes are woefully inaccurate, is obviously rather fond of Ms. Sherrod and his wife is just disgusted by the entire matter.

This was a war between the Tea Party slime and the NAACP and Ms. Sherrod was the happenstance victim. Breitbart needed an example he could fake up into something that it wasn't - a black person it had to be so to toss dirt on the NAACP - and the NAACP took the bait. That bait went up to the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture who fired her without knowing the full details. FOX NEWS = FAUX NOISE ran the tape wall to wall to the point that their dunderheaded base was ready to take to the streets. This was racially inspired and just horrible. Horrible.

I've said on many occasions that the Tea Party is a threat to America. Not because they believe what some of the members believe, that is their business and their opinion and it is a free country, but that there are manipulators around who simple use people...Breitbart, Faux Noise, Rush, Savage, that Barbarian Beck... just awful awful people who will lie, cheat and steal.  I'm not letting the NAACP off the hook here for jumping the gun and they have apologized. I'm not going to let the USDA off the hook and I hope some very smart employment lawyers have contacted Ms. Sherrod and there is a lawsuit in the USDC in Atlanta by dawn's first light suing the bejesus out of the I'd like to be on that jury.