Idiocy Revisited

I wrote a rather strong entry yesterday and in turn was the object of some pretty nasty stuff on various other blogs from the Tea Party guys and gals who hide behind "free speech".

They missed the point.

The point of my "ire" was the inclusion of the "Live Free or Die" phrase in the lower right of the billboard.  It is the State of New Hampshire's motto.  It has been corrupted by the Tea Party who links it to rebellion with guns via a total misunderstanding of the 2nd amendment.  It is, in this usage, a thinly disguised threat to the government and particularly the office of the President meaning "leave me alone or you die".   That and putting the picture of the president of the United States in the middle of Hitler and Lenin, well we have German readers of this blog and Polish and if Google is correct, some from Russia and Ukraine.

It is my understanding that the public display of anything from the Nazi era is forbidden.  My family - my grandmother's family - well half came to the US through Ellis Island and the other half remained in Bavaria. That part of the family ceased to exist after sometime in the 1940s so any reference to Herr Hitler is simply an automatic no-no.

This one, in particular, makes my blood boil and 24 hours later and 30 hate emails from Tea Party types doesn't change my mind.