"where someone wins the lottery in a hot moment of sex"

This home is in LA - Bel Air I think - (I don't care) and goes for about $70 million bucks and someone just bought it so it makes some waves.

I'm thrilled actually. First of all that the person (unknown) who bought it isn't going to move out to the Hamptons and further mess up real estate and second that he had the good sense to remain anonymous so that the peasants can't find him, drive him into the woods on a foggy night and do him in.

I don't begrudge who ever this person is for having $70 million to spend on a home - the ceilings look pretty badly painted to me but I digress.  I won't like it much if he/she inherited the money because I kinda think handing down huge sums of money to kids takes away a bit of their incentive.

I worked for an extremely wealthy guy for a few years. Extremely. He was also a smart cookie and didn't start with anything and over 30+ years really ground it out and made a fortune - Scrooge Money Bin fortune 10 figures and the first one wasn't a 1.

He had kids who were born with a silver spoon.  He tried, like any father would try, to instill the values of hard work and detail on these kids, who could and did have every possible advantage a billion dollar trust gives them, but that just doesn't build normal kids.  It builds kids who eventually spend $70 million on a poorly painted home because they can, not because they think it is right or they wanted to reward themselves for years of selfless labor, its just because they can write a check.

For the 95% of the common folk, no matter what, this is a poke in the eye - an accident of birth, where someone wins the lottery in a hot moment of sex.