Well this seems like a fair sport

Well this world cup has been a dandy.  I read the scores every day and aside from President Kim's PRK team getting clipped 7 to zip, in a game that the refs seemingly couldn't fix, most of the scores come down to tense matches decided by referees who, magically, see things that don't happen.

I wish I had that talent.I could stand on Main Street and tell people what they were thinking of doing, didn't do, but wanted to. I could be a cop. I could arrest a whole lot of people who were perhaps thinking things to do...like shooting the clerk with your index finger trigger or flashing the "high one" sign with your middle finger at a bad driver...stuff like that.

When I got really good at it, I could move to some end of the earth country, referee soccer games in fields filled with snakes, and go straight to the World Cup and decide matches.  Great gig.