About a quarter century ago I took a couple clients to the USSR for medical/scientific meetings. We first went via Helsinki and took the train to Moscow..mostly for no reason other than the adventure (for them).  Russian trains have a different clip-clop than we do here. Our tracks are laid so that the sections are not in parallel - hence the clomp-clomp we hear here as opposed to the clump...clump..clump over there. Mostly they feel different balance wise.  When you hit the Russian border you have to change trains. Have to. When the specs for the train tracks from many parts of Europe, Helsinki in particular, were supply to Russia the measurements were given in ID (inside diameter) terms. However, Russian engineers thought it was OD (outside diameter) terms and the tracks were too small...the train wheels just fell right off the tracks.Anyway, the picture is of the Helsinki train station and it is (well was when I was there regularly) really pretty neat.  The station wasn't as grandiose as pictured. Actually the border crossing was a drab affair out in the middle of nothing with no shelter in sight aside from the boarder agent booth. so long ago.