So you want to retire to Florida???

Aside from the catastrophic oil ready to move east onto the beaches and subject of this picture, someone found one of those nasty burmese pythons in the Tampa Bay/Bradenton is the video and another.

I'm not a fan of snakes but they have their place. In the end, they are just trying to get by. They belong someplace - not in Florida or they would be Florida Pythons. They are pets or were once and are turned loose, abandoned so to speak, and they are just doing what snakes do, breed and eat.
We have, out here in the Hamptons, something called "summer pets". These are generally dogs and cats who are adopted when the city folk come out with their kids and abandoned when the rental is up and the family goes home. They become the local problem. They did nothing to deserve their fate. It is 100% human fault.

I wouldn't move or retire to south Florida on a bet anyway but I wonder if this isn't the highest form of human selfishness - first to make a pet out of something that isn't really pet material and with full knowledge that these things grow until they die, and when they become a threat or dangerous to the owner, the owner, knowing full well that they pose a danger, dumps them into what is a giant "all you can eat" environment and let's someone else deal with what becomes a big eater.  It is really sad.