shameless advertising

Online games are of interest to me as an advertising person...not great interest but something that has evolved over time and the availability of bandwidth and computer operating systems.

First, any kind of internet potential is about 15 years old at best and that was the day of AOL and dial ups. Getting a 14400 connection was great but generally data passed at 7200 and even picture exchange was an all day proposition (so it seemed). When ABC radio launched its corporate site, the restriction was no file over 50kb otherwise the majority of its visitors couldn't load the page.
UPS put up this "game" in the form of an advertisement. It's pretty easy if you own Yahoo Huntsville this is child's play except for the brown monotone (remember this really an advertisement for UPS Brown).

The point is that a long time ago you go the advertisement as a "reward" for shooting ducks out of the sky or other "mouse-marksmanship" feats. Now it is a high res commercial followed by a fairly high bandwidth game meant to be played on a reasonable fast computer that didn't remotely exist a decade ago...think 386 technology.  Things are moving.