Ooops Helen...keep your yap shut

A blogger named Palladian photoshopped this picture for Ann Althouse's blog (causing a fairly pitched battle I might add and one where I got to shoot my mouth off fairly often).

Helen Thomas stepped in it - The Daily Show (courtesy of Huffington Post) did this to her.

One of the debate points - well all of them there - generally divide liberal and conservative. Like all blogs, it is a bit short on truth and accuracy.

She retired over this and perhaps a good thing but I'm pretty sure Helen's views on Israel ... well she probably isn't alone and there are probably a lot like her who hold that view. In that part of the world there are millions like her who hold the view.

So o'k, Helen spoke and Helen is gone. We didn't like what we heard so drum her out of the press corps so to speak.  Problem is we really can't take that stand to the middle east and get anything done as we will never get to square one in a situation where, from the getgo, we don't even begin to understand the other guy.